My name is Robert and I am a PHP programmer. I create websites since 2009, mostly using PHP and MySQL, but I quickly adapt to other technologies. I graduated in computer science in Lublin University of Technology with a master’s degree, but not there I learned what I can today. I am self-taught and I learn by challenges and solving real and unconventional problems.


In my work I try to use open and modern solutions in accordance with current standards. I am a actively interested the subject of security and performance, and this is really important in my work. I know very well PHP, MySQL, HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript, but I prefer backend and design data structures and business logic for complex systems, rather than frontend and creating fancy sliders with JavaScript. At work I use mostly Yii framework, which works very well for projects that requires a dedicated solution. On typical websites I use WordPress.


I currently work at the “Grodzka Gate ‐ NN Theatre” Centre, where I am the lead programmer and I am responsible for designing and development of an IT system that handles all websites of the Centre. Every day I meet with unusual problems and ideas that require an individual approach, original solutions and drill down for further nuances of the Network. After-hours I help in the development of Łowcy Gier and Salenauts websites.


A perfect husband and father. Assuming that he go away from the keyboard…

Kasia, wife

UUuuuuuu… O!

4-month-old Karolcia, daughter

I am interested in Internet technologies, in particular on the issues of security, privacy and performance. As a example of a geek I am trying to keep up to technical news, especially those related to computer science, but I try to limit the number of smart-gadgets around me. I use Linux and I prefer open and free solutions that allow me to control my work environment (but not only). I can not imagine working without music, I try to keep up with movie news, although recently I am more and more interested in TV series. On the other hobbies I barely have enough time – apparently I’m well organize my time… or I sleep too much. 🙂