Moving GitHub repositories to organization account

Moving GitHub repositories to organization accountMoving GitHub repositories to organization account

Today I finally cleaned up my GitHub account and moved all important repositories to the organization account. From now this will be home for everything that can be used by others in their projects. These repositories will almost certainly not disappear, and projects can be considered as stable. A private account is my own sandbox – there are no rules here. 🙂 It mainly contains forks of projects where I contribute to and test repositories. Nothing interesting. 🙂

Https for the New Year

Changing hosting has opened a new opportunities, among other things it became possible to use my own SSL certificate for domain. For some time I tested https on site and free certification from StartSSL. IMO tests were quite successful, and the New Year is a good time for a changes. From now https on page is forced and all traffic will be encrypted.

Unless you have a very outdated system and browser, there should be no side effects – page requires a SNI support, so if for example you are using Windows XP and IE 8, you can not be able to open it. But this is one of the less important problems what you have with this configuration. 😀

WordPress multisite – a rewrite infinite loop bug

WordPress multisite – a rewrite infinite loop bugWordPress multisite – a rewrite infinite loop bug

When I create my new home page I use WordPress multisite feature. By the way, I noticed an interesting bug. When I try to view such a non-existent image from wp-content directory, the server returns an error with code 500 instead of 404. At first I thought it was a problem with hosting, but it turned out to be a bug in the default configuration of .htaccess for WordPress running as a multisite with path-based network. Read more

End of Battle-Watcher

End of Battle-WatcherEnd of Battle-Watcher

From today statistics of battles in Battle-Watcher are not updated. For a long time the service worked only partially, and I did not have  time or motivation to fix it. After change of hosting the next things stopped working and I decided that it makes no sense. Service remains in read-only mode, statistics of battles and users will be not updated. I do not plan a further development and improvements, so you can consider that it is the end of the Battle-Watcher.