Moving GitHub repositories to organization account

Today I finally cleaned up my GitHub account and moved all important repositories to the organization account. From now this will be home for everything that can be used by others in their projects. These repositories will almost certainly not disappear, and projects can be considered as stable. A private account is my own sandbox – there are no rules here. 🙂 It mainly contains forks of projects where I contribute to and test repositories. Nothing interesting. 🙂

yii-tinymce v1.0.1

yii-tinymce extension has been updated. Changes:

  • Remove jQuery dependency for TinyMCE initialization.
  • Use uncompressed tinymce if debug mode is enabled.

Extension sources can be downloaded from GitHub or installed by Composer.

yii-tinymce – the WYSIWYG editor for Yii

I recently released a new extension for Yii 1.1: yii-tinymce. It is a simple widget that integrates TinyMCE editor with Yii 1.1 with the possibility to integrate with the file manager (for example, by using yii-elfinder2 extension). The extension is based on yii-tinymce with a much-simplified code, integration with Composer and configuration adjusted to new TinyMCE releases.

Version 1.0.0 can be downloaded from GitHub or installed by Composer.