redmine-a1-theme v3.0.0

The redmine-a1-theme theme has been updated. New version adds compatibility with Redmine 4.2, Improves highlighting notes targeted by URL’s fragment and limits max width of paragraphs – it should readability, especially for large notes.

The theme can be downloaded from GitHub. You can install/update it by extracting theme directory into public/themes/ (final path to style sheet file should look like: public/themes/a1/stylesheets/application.css) and enable it in Redmine admin panel. The theme is compatible with Redmine 4.2).

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Second year on Stack Overflow

Recently my second year at Stack Overflow has passed. You will immediately notice a dramatic drop in activity compared to the previous year. About 100 new answers and nearly 4,000 points (mostly generated by old answers) is a much lower result than a year ago. In fact, I read and contribute less often. Contributing to Stack Overflow is no longer a new and fresh experience – you can see the same questions and problems asked over and over again. General moods and changes on the website did not help either (although recently the situation has improved, as if suddenly the website owners noticed that they have a community and ignoring it completely is not the best idea…). Well, I hope that the next year will be better…

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