Shutting down

Shutting down battle-watcher.comShutting down

Battle-watcher was disabled over a year and a half ago. Since then website has lost almost all real users and it was interesting only for bots. Today I decided to completely shut down this project since I don’t really see any sense in hosting this website anymore.

If you’re interested in buying a domain, please contact me (with a reasonable offer :)).

yii2-simple-auth v1.0.0

Today I released new extension for Yii 2yii2-simple-auth. It provides components for easy authenticate and validate the HTTP request. Each request gets its own unique token with the expiration time, so no passwords or keys are sent with the request – it should be safer than basic access authentication when you don’t use https. Read README on GitHub to get more info.

In addition I create simple helper for official HTTP client for Yii 2 – yii2-simple-auth-yii-authenticator.  It simplify authenticating requests generated by official yii2-httpclient.

Both extensions are already used for some time on Salenauts and Łowcy Gier to authenticate communication with internal API, so you can consider it as tested and stable :).