A few words about Flarum

A few words about Flarum

Flarum is a new interesting forum engine written in PHP. Well… is not really new, first beta release was almost 4 years ago, so it is with us for some time, but so far there was no stable release and project is still in beta stage. Although it already works pretty well and there are some big production deployments, there is still no backward compatibility promise and officially you should not use Flarum on production. Of course some people (like me) will ignore this warning and use this engine on production forums. I’ve used this engine for GG.deals forum and for some small local community forum. These are quite different cases, and I’d like to share my experience of using Flarum for these two forums.

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flarum-lang-polish v0.1.0

I released a Polish language pack for Flarum. I used the existing extension as a base, so I had to fix only some minor issues:

  • Fixed translations for moment.js (localization of time and dates).
  • Fixed pluralization in some phrases.
  • Minor grammatical improvements and fixed some typos.

I hope that Polish Flarum community will focus on development of this extension – so far there were multiple language packs which were abandoned quite quickly and there was no one stable package for Polish forums.

The source code of the extension can be downloaded from GitHub or installed by Composer.