redmine-a1-theme v2.0.1

The redmine-a1-theme theme has been updated. There is only one change in this release:

  • Hide too long SVN properties in changes list in repository view.

The theme can be downloaded from GitHub. You can install/update it by extracting theme directory into public/themes/ (final path to style sheet file should look like: public/themes/a1/stylesheets/application.css) and enable it in Redmine admin panel. The theme is compatible with Redmine 3.4 (it should work with older versions of Redmine, but it was never verified). after 6 months from launch after 6 months from launch

It feels like it was just yesterday, but has launched 6 months ago. That is quite a lot of time, and make huge progress in the meantime. We have new stores in tracker, new filters in almost all views, new view with vouchers, improved alerts management, many performance and UX improvements and many more. And bugfixes. A lot of bugfixes. 🙂 And just few days ago  there was a huge change in layout – now website should look more clear and the most important elements should be more visible and readable. More detailed list o changes can be found on forum:

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Refreshing the blog layout

Refreshing the blog layout

It’s been almost 4 years since I created the current layout of my blog. I finally have some free time, so I decided to refresh it and solve several problems that have been waiting for years. The release of WordPress 5.0 with its new revolutionary editor was another impulse to do this.

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A year on Stack Overflow

If you’re a developer, you must have heard about Stack Overflow. Certainly, you also have pieces of code in your projects that have been copied from the answers you found there. 🙂 I’m no exception – I have used Stack Overflow for a long time. 3 years ago I even created an account, but it was practically inactive (a new user with no reputation cannot do much). But a year ago I become to be more active there. What is the effect of the year on Stack Overflow?

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flarum-lang-polish v0.1.0

I released a Polish language pack for Flarum. I used the existing extension as a base, so I had to fix only some minor issues:

  • Fixed translations for moment.js (localization of time and dates).
  • Fixed pluralization in some phrases.
  • Minor grammatical improvements and fixed some typos.

I hope that Polish Flarum community will focus on development of this extension – so far there were multiple language packs which were abandoned quite quickly and there was no one stable package for Polish forums.

The source code of the extension can be downloaded from GitHub or installed by Composer.