Salenauts v0.8.1 – v0.8.6

We did not waste time over last two months, since Salenauts was launched. In response to user feedback we regularly added new features and introduced a lot of changes in the layout. Most important are:

  • Displaying comments directly under news. You no longer need to go to forum to see comments – now all appear under news content. It is still not final state, we plan to add the ability to post new comments directly from news page.
  • Add RSS support.
  • Shoutbox on forum.
  • “Unread posts” view was added.
  • Improvements in search bars. Search on the home page and on the list of games have earned hints, so finding an interesting game is even simpler. Search bar in pricetracker also gained hints that extend its functionalities (eg find all the offers on the chosen title).
  • Big changes on the home page. Big tiles promoting news were replaced with smaller, placed lower, with information about offers for the most popular games. News now are displayed in one column, and a widget Upcoming releases” has been moved to the sidebar.
  • Games present in the collection/wishlist now have a special icon in the news, pricetracker, widgets, etc. Thanks to this it is a lot easier to find potentially interesting games from a list of offers.
  • Added the ability to choose the stores for notifications about new deals for game from wishlist. Added a button to the mass deletion of read notifications.
  • We add 5 new stores to pricetracker.
  • Many minor fixed and changes in layout.

About all changes you can read more detailed in news on Salenauts:


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