redmine-a1-theme v2.1.0

The redmine-a1-theme theme has been updated. New version improves compatibility with Redmine 4.0 and adjusts styles of form inputs.

The theme can be downloaded from GitHub. You can install/update it by extracting theme directory into public/themes/ (final path to style sheet file should look like: public/themes/a1/stylesheets/application.css) and enable it in Redmine admin panel. The theme is compatible with Redmine 4.0 (it should work with older versions of Redmine, but it was never verified).

How to change or add missing translations for Flarum

How to change or add missing translations for Flarum

Translations for Flarum are managed by language packs, which are simple extensions providing translations strings. Usually installing language pack is enough – your forum instance should be available in your favorite language. But what if you don’t like some translations? Or language pack does not support one of used extensions? Creating your own language pack just for your forum may be an overkill, especially if you don’t want to translate extensions and just want to see untranslated description instead of ugly placeholders.

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