How more efficient is CPU-Optimized Droplet than Standard Droplet on DigitalOcean? is hosted on DigitalOcean. Although choosing DigitalOcean for hosting was pretty straightforward for us, we were still not so sure if it is worth pay extra for CPU-Optimized droplets. CPU-Optimized droplets obviously should be more efficient in CPU-intensive task, but there was no real comparison of how more efficient they are. But we get some comparison when we tried to perform database migration from Salenauts to on two types of droplets.

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redmine-a1-theme v1.0.1

The redmine-a1-theme theme has been updated. There is only one change in this release:

  • Fix too big anonymous avatar on Gantt chart.

The theme can be downloaded from GitHub. You can install/update it by extracting theme directory into public/themes/ (final path to style sheet file should look like: public/themes/a1/stylesheets/application.css) and enable it in Redmine admin panel. The theme is compatible with Redmine 3.3 (it should work with older versions of Redmine, but it was never verified).

Moving GitHub repositories to organization account

Today I finally cleaned up my GitHub account and moved all important repositories to the organization account. From now this will be home for everything that can be used by others in their projects. These repositories will almost certainly not disappear, and projects can be considered as stable. A private account is my own sandbox – there are no rules here. 🙂 It mainly contains forks of projects where I contribute to and test repositories. Nothing interesting. 🙂