The new version of lowcygier.pl, the site focused around the promotion of video games. The main task was to implement new website layout  and integration with more advanced forum engine.

The new version of the site was based on the previous  CSM engine (WordPress) and previous template (Graphene), which has been completely changed. The new layout was created on the basis of the received graphic design.

Service has also been integrated with the phpBB3 forum engine – integration concerned both appearance (forum “inside” WordPress – integration of header and footer) and users (one account to forum and blog, only one login). Page template is based on subSilver style witch was a slightly modified  and has several other amendments (such as adding icons to  Steam account). To new engine has been moved all threads and posts from previous engine – bbPress.

In addition, have been created a few dedicated widgets and modules specific to page profile. These are:

  1. Category filter, allowing each user to customize categories of news, which will display on the main page.
  2. Giveaway module, which allows users to add their own giveaways to page, and provides administrators possibility of simple moderation of content added by users, and generates statistics of activity in this section. Also was created a widget, which allows to display a list of giveaways in sidebar.
  3. A dedicated module handling base of reviews from selected  computer magazines with a simple possibility embed results on page. The module consists of searching engine and displaying engine. Both elements are placed in content using tags with can be freely configured, such a choosing  list of magazines available in the search / display, or list of columns displayed in the results. The module contains a widget with allows you embed a reviews browser to sidebar.
  4. Additional widgets that display recent activity on forum, information about logged in user, or to publicize some content on the home page.


Previous version:

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